Family First

You are so important

My  2 boys are my life, my inspiration my sanity and my drive, as a single mom I do everything for them, they have taught me how to love myself, how to share, be kind, be understanding and most of all how to love, truly madly and deeply love, with no boundaries, no exceptions, just pure love.

Through them I see family differently, and I know how important it is be a part of that family.  I see the bonds between children and their parents in a new more beautiful way, especially the connection with their moms.

As for moms, oh the respect I have for you!  Your strength and your beauty surpasses none! I know how hard it is, to get up every day and hit repeat on the routine, it is draining and exhausting.  I wake up in the morning and think damn, I am so sorry world that you have to see me looking like that!  But I suck it up and step out, because if I don’t know one will.

So, I know the truth, you need me, you need me because, you have to be in the family photographs, you have to be photographed, like it or not you are the glue that keeps the family together and they need you in memories! You have got to be in the photographs with your children with your husband with your family.  How many images to have with your mom?  Did she also run away every time a camera was taken out?  And how does that make you feel? Exactly!!!  Be in the photos.  And when you trust the images to a professional, you will be the best most beautiful version of you!

Your children love and adore you exactly as you are right now!  They want memories of you just as you are.  You owe it to you and you owe it to the family you spend so much time and energy, investing in.

They do not see the “weight” they do not see the tired eyes they do not see the missed hair appointments they see their mom the mom who they love they see YOU!  They love YOU!!!!


Be in the photographs!!!

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